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Winter is coming and with it comes dry, itchy and patchy skin. For years my patients have been asking me what they can do to prevent this from happening. My immediate response is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.  While most soaps on the marketplace today are great at washing away the dirt, grime, and germs of the world, they also remove every ounce of moisture in the skin. That is why I was so pleased when I came across The CBD Skin Care Company.  Not only does their soap smell amazing— the Lavender Body Bar is my favorite— the CBD in the product heals and reinvigorates the skin. Leaving all my patients with smooth and baby soft skin.

Dr. A. Smith

We Focus on Healthy and Happy

I have tried a multitude of different soaps ranging from Honest to Lush, and from Dial to Dove; none have been affective at relieving my eczema, and most have exacerbated it significantly…especially just beneath my eyes where it’s embarrassing.  Having been on and off steroids for much of my life, which are quite affective, but have unwanted side effects, I’ve been skeptical of natural remedies.  I can say with unwavering confidence, that the CBD soap from The CBD Skincare Company is bar-none (pun intended) the best non-prescription remedy that I’ve found to date.  It does a superb job at minimizing my eczema and soothing my skin.  Having tried the Shea Honey Oatmeal and Lemongrass, the scents are wonderful, and I’m quite happy with the job it does in terms of deodorizing and it’s longevity.  I would highly recommend trying soap from The CBD Skincare Company.

– Ari J.

In the rapidly growing CBD market I have seen many different kinds of skincare products, but none of the others have been as well thought out or as high quality as The CBD Skincare Company’s new line of infused, organic CBD oil soaps. From the first time you navigate to their well-designed website, all the way to unwrapping my first soap delivery, the quality of experience is top-notch! On top of all this, the soap’s fragrance can be detected before even removing it from it’s beautifully design cardboard home.

After all this, once I actually used the “Citrus Lavender” body bar for my morning shower, I couldn’t help but smile as my whole bathroom filled with that sweet aroma. Now, as with all CBD products, it took a few weeks of regular use for me to start noticing that the regular aches and pains I have learned to deal with day to day, have disappeared!

Now, the therapeutic benefits of CBD are no secret to the average Whole Foods hippie or organic product enthusiast, but The CBD Skincare Company have achieved something far superior than the rest. Their products don’t make you feel like you are buying a cannabis product or participating in a clinical trial. Sure, their soaps are loaded with all-natural, full-spectrum CBD oil, but at the end of the day, they are just really good soaps.

– Adam T. // Creative Director

Our Promise

We hold our products and the ingredients that make them up, at the highest quality standards. That’s why we source only the best certified organic ingredients from right here in the United States, and produce the best all-natural, full-spectrum CBD oil from our hemp farms in Kentucky.

Because of this we can promise you, our customer, the best CBD skincare products in the world! We encourage you to try us out. If after 30 days of using our products you still aren’t satisfied, just let us know and we will refund your first purchase, no questions asked.