Cannabidiol has just been recently legalized to be used in various therapies making it an infant
substance in the field of medicine. Your CBD doses need to come from licensed professional
practitioners such as CBD skincare company there being no official daily serving sizes released
as of yet. Our company specializes in CBD skin care products and develops dosages for our
clients based on the individual variations such as metabolism rate, genetics, their weight,
sensitivity to product, environment and how severe their condition is. People with no prior
usage of CBD should start off with controlled doses and steadily increase to help their system
adapt with proper facilitation from our specialist.

Weight consideration

Body mass plays a central role in determining the effectiveness of CBD. To maximize the
influence of CBD on your wellbeing we have developed very functional dosage criteria that
work perfectly for all our clients. We classify dosages for every 10 lbs body mass against a
serving of 5mg. This means that for an individual weighing 110 lbs the starting dosage will be
50mg and can be increased or reduced depending on their system's responsiveness.

Individual cannabis background

At CBD Skincare Company we customize our products for a personalized service thus each
patient is prioritized uniquely. We advise our clients not to share their medications with other
people as their daily dosage could be too strong for them even on the same weight
classification. Our bodies working mechanism vary in terms of metabolism and overall reaction
to substances. When it comes to CBD body chemistry an individual’s background with cannabis
can influence the effectiveness of their daily dosage. First users of cannabis products start off
from small doses of 50mg taken at separate intervals of the day to gauge how they respond.
For individuals who have an extensive background with cannabis products, their dosages may
range from 500mg to 1500mg at different intervals of the day.

CBD tincture doses

Many people prefer the CBD tincture for its usage convenience. This is done with a dropper
where the CBD oil is administered beneath the tongue and left to absorb in the duration of 30
to 90 seconds then swallowed. A typical dropper will hold 1 ml of CBD oil which means for
regular users they will fill it with the CBD oil but for beginners, they only need to fill the dropper
halfway. The tincture doses are very effective as they are readily absorbed into the body to
work in conjunction with endocannabinoid receptors.

Important to note

Cannabis is not an alien substance to the body as our systems naturally produce anandamide a
similar version of the same. Anandamide is essentially a neurotransmitter secreted in the brain
and bind to the THC receptors. It derives its name from the word bliss or joy and is classified as
an endocannabinoid which is secreted in the body and bound to cannabinoid receptors. Our
healthy CBD oil products only serve to supplement endocannabinoid levels in the body which is
preferential as increased anandamide levels in our systems have very favorable anti-
inflammatory properties among many other benefits. For skin care products applied to the skin
they do not directly influence the endocannabinoid receptors but rather work on the area
applied. Its accumulation in the epidermis rejuvenates your skin properties setting you apart
with a vibrant skin.

There are no CBD overdoses

Despite being very potent, the cannabis plant is not attributed to overdosing and neither are
the CBD products. The most avid users of our products will have daily doses of up to 1500 mg
and stay perfectly healthy and still leap maximum skin care benefits from the compounds.
There are no artificial elements added to CBD skincare products and as such the body remains
perfectly tolerant. For first-time users who apply beyond their dosages, the possible side
effects may include sedation, drowsiness, dry mouth, and very mild low blood pressure. It is
also important to note that CBD products are not addictive and do not cause any psychoactive
effects as experienced with THC. Our skin care products are derived from natural CBD oil and do
not utilize hemp oil.
For special cases, individual’s CNR1 gene which codes CB1 receptor can be mutated. The CB1
receptor is found in cells all over the body that are directly influenced by cannabinoids. Such
mutations affect how the endocannabinoid system works and is a crucial variable in
determining CBD doses for such clients.
CBD Skincare Company develops CBD oil products with validated outcomes to a wide range of
users. The owner of the company only deals in high-end products considering he personally
experienced the efficiency of CBD in treating 3rd-degree burns.


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